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Weekly Menu

Welcome to our weekly menu which will consist of a few of our products being available for collection each Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Exciting right??

We may leave the same products for a month at a time so if you missed out the week before they will still be there the week after. 

How to order?

Available products will added below, just add the product you would like to the cart and you'll be taken to checkout to finish your order. Please add a note when checking out in the special instructions section of which day you would like to collect. 


Needing a custom order ? No worries!! Contact Theresa to discuss your options keeping in mind all custom orders usually require a 4 week lead time so there is no guarantee that your order can be fulfilled in a short time frame. 




Cake Taste Box
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Product Allergy Information

All baked products prepared in TMF kitchen WILL or MAY contain the following ingredients - Milk - Eggs - Wheat - Soy - Dairy (Milk & Butter) - Sulphites - Salt - Coconut - Sesame - food colours 

Gluten and Dairy Free options will be labelled on each product GF - DF or G/DF Please keep in mind  when choosing this option that our Gluten and Dairy free products are baked and packaged in the same kitchen as all our other products, We do use seperate equipment or sterilise equipment before use for these allergies. 

May contain peanuts and tree nuts - Unless the product has stated nut/peanuts are present in these baked goods. 

Please contact us before ordering if you have any allergies.