Cake Flavours




Our cakes are baked from scratch with a lot of time and a generous sprinkling of love in each and every one and are baked with good quality ingredients. 

These are our most popular cake flavours - 

                   TMF Standard Cake Flavours 

    • Very Vanilla - Light vanilla cake layered with TMF vanilla buttercream
    • Chocolate - Light chocolate cake layered with Belgian chocolate buttercream 
    • Caramel - Light caramel cake layered with caramel buttercream
    • Confetti - light cake with confetti sprinkles throughout the cake batter each layer filled with vanilla buttercream.
    • Red Velvet - Deep red chocolate cake layered with vanilla buttercream.

      TMF Premium Cake Flavours 

    • Chocolate Mud - Delicious dense chocolate mud cake layered with our Belgian choc ganache. 
    • Caramel Mud - Delicious dense golden caramel mud cake layered with house made caramel and Belgian choc caramel ganache. 
    • White Chocolate Mud - Creamy white chocolate mud cake layered with Belgian choc ganache. 
    • Vanilla and Raspberry - Light vanilla cake layered with fresh raspberry sauce and raspberry buttercream.
    • Carrot - Our delicious carrot cake is filled with fresh carrot, spices and citrus and layered with cream cheese frosting. 
    • Rainbow - 5 layers of cake each being a different colour and filled with white buttercream. Available in bright or pastel colours
    • Lemon & Raspberry - Light vanilla cake filled with our lemon curd, raspberry compote & TMF buttercream.
    • Chocolate and Raspberry - Delicious chocolate cake filled with raspberry compote & raspberry buttercream.  
    • Orange and Poppyseed - Light vanilla cake infused with orange zest, orange juice & poppy seeds. Filled with Orange infused TMF buttercream.
    • Chocolate & Hazelnut - Light chocolate cake filled with hazelnut buttercream & delicious roasted hazelnuts
    • Mocha - Light chocolate cake filled with our delicious TMF coffee buttercream. 
    • Red Velvet - Deep red chocolate cake filled with your choice of ganache or cream cheese frosting. 

      TMF Top Shelf Cake Flavour

    • Dark choc and raspberry mud - Decadent chocolate mud cake filled with fresh raspberries and raspberry buttercream. 
    • Dark choc mud, cherry and coconut - Decadent chocolate mud cake filled with cherry sauce and whole cherries, toasted coconut and chocolate ganache. 
    • Choc hazelnut mud- Chocolate mud cake filled with roasted hazelnuts layered with hazelnut buttercream. 
    • White choc, raspberry and pistachio mud - Creamy white choc mud 2 layers filled with fresh raspberries and raspberry buttercream and middle layer pistachio buttercream and toasted pistachios. 
    • Carrot cake with toasted pecans and caramel - Our delicious spice loaded carrot cake layers with toasted pecans filled with house-made caramel and caramel buttercream. 
    • White choc mud with lemon and raspberry - Creamy white choc mud filled with freshly made lemon curd and filled with raspberry buttercream.
    • Honeycomb mud - Decadent chocolate mud cake filled with honey comb and honeycomb buttercream.
    • Jaffa Mud - Decadent chocolate mud cake infused with orange zest and filled with orange buttercream and crushed Jaffa's  
  • TMF Fruit cake - is filled with great quality fruit, citrus notes and soaked in our choice of an Australian spiced rum, then folded into our delicious sweet spiced batter to be baked on a low heat for a few hours. We then feed our fruit cake with more spiced rum after the baking process for 1 month to ensure you have a nice moist and flavoursome cake.  The feeding process can be an optional and you can choose not to have this. 

If you don't see a flavour here that tickles your taste buds, please contact us and we can work with you to create a flavour combination you will enjoy. 

Cake tasters are available January and February each year and can be pre-ordered here