Cake Flavours




Our cakes are baked from scratch with a lot of time and a generous sprinkling of love in each and every one and are baked with great quality ingredients. 

These are our most popular cake flavours - 

          TMF Butter Cakes 

  • Very Vanilla - Light vanilla cake layered with TMF buttercream
  • Chocolate - Light chocolate cake layered with Belgian chocolate buttercream 
  • Lemon & Raspberry - Light vanilla cake filled with our lemon curd, raspberry compote & TMF buttercream.
  • Chocolate and Raspberry - Delicious chocolate cake filled with raspberry compote & Belgian chocolate buttercream.  
  • Almond and Lavender - Light vanilla and Almond cake filled with Lavender infused buttercream. 
  • Orange and Poppyseed - Light vanilla cake infused with orange zest, orange juice & poppy seeds. Filled with Orange infused TMF buttercream. 
  • Chocolate & Hazelnut - Light chocolate cake filled with hazelnut buttercream & delicious roasted hazelnuts
  • Coffee Cream - Your choice of a Light vanilla or light chocolate cake filled with our delicious TMF coffee buttercream. 

    TMF Mud Cakes  
  • Chocolate Mud - Delicious dense chocolate mud cake layered with our Belgian choc ganache. 
  • Caramel Mud - Delicious dense golden caramel mud cake layered with homemade caramel and Belgian choc caramel ganache. 
  • White chocolate Mud - Creamy white chocolate mud cake layered with our Belgian choc ganache. 

         TMF Fruit Cake 

  • TMF Fruit cake is filled with great quality fruit, citrus notes and soaked in our choice of an australian spiced rum, then folded into our delicious sweet spiced batter to be baked on a low heat for a few hours. We then feed our fruit cake with more spiced rum after the baking process for 1 month to ensure you have a nice moist and flavoursome cake.  The feeding process can be an optional and you can choose not to have this. 


If you don't see a flavour here that tickles your taste buds, please contact us and we can work with you to create a flavour combination you will enjoy. 

Cake tasters are available January and February each year and can be pre-ordered here