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Christmas Pudding heating and serving suggestions


Here are a few tips from Theresa on how to best enjoy and serve your pudding. Puddings come to you fully cooked and vacuumed sealed for food safety. Your pudding is at its best enjoyed at room temp, though if you choose to heat your pudding here are a few suggestions. 

Microwave Method - 

Remove outer packaging eg (calico or gift box.) leaving the vac bag still on your pudding make a couple of holes and place in microwave on MEDIUM. As everyone has different strength microwaves its best to just heat at 1 min cycles and heat it to the temp you like to enjoy your pudding at, keeping in mind that your pudding is fully cooked so only needs to be reheated. 

Oven method - 

Remove all outer packaging and leave in vac sealed bag, place into hot water in baking tray and allow to heat slightly until just warmed through, you do not need to heat for hrs as your pudding is already cooked. Carefully remove vac sealed bag after taking out of water serve and enjoy with your favourite flavoured custard. 


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