About The Maker





I'm delighted to share with you a little bit about myself and how this amazing journey in baking and creating edible works of art and memories for special occasions. 
 I have always loved to get my hands dirty in the kitchen and experiment with all types of food and then, I found the love for baking and that it bought so much joy to me when creating an edible artistry for people's special day not to mention the amazing flavours that touched their taste buds we sure to leave a lasting impression.  
I have been fascinated by the transformation of simple ingredients. Creaming butter, separating eggs and folding in flour and glistening grains of sweet sugar to create a delicious, fluffy cloud of cake.   
Then the passion for decorating cakes was unfolding. 
I am self taught baker and love learning new skills and creating new flavours.
With the cake decorating side, I had been self taught and found I really wanted to take a step further and learn more. I finally got up the courage to register for my first cake decorating class and started with the basics with Planet cake, which 1st consisted of 3 classes in Brisbane. I loved them so much that I went on to complete the rest of the masters at Planet Cake 7 classes later 10 classes in total. The classes were specialty designed cakes that we had to recreate and learn the techniques that each cake had. They started from basic designs to elaborate and inverted style cakes. I have also completed numerous specialised sugar flower and 3D cake courses and travelled to Brisbane and Sydney areas to complete these. 
That also led me straight into the kitchen of Sydney’s Planet Cake, where I got to work with some of the fabulously talented Artists for a week and is where I learnt to marry the symphony of art and cake. 
In 2010 the icing of my life’s cake got a whole lot sweeter, as I opened Cake Mania with the purpose of creating joy through delicious, handcrafted cakes.   Today I am still making wonderful handcrafted cakes and more...  as TMF Cake Designs.
I am so blessed to have my family by my side cheering me on as I take on this challenge. It has not been all roses and sunshine we have had challenges along the way. Mainly being that my family had to share me with my passion. It's all about the balance and believe me I got off balance alot and still is a challenge for me.  

In 2018 I entered a Wedding table feature piece in the International Cake Cake Show in Brisbane and got 2nd. This was an amazing achievement and learning experience for me and hope to enter another competition in the near future. 
Like all good works of art our cakes are memory-makers.
Let me help you bring your vision to life, for everyone to remember. 
Theresa XX