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Theresa has put all the questions you may have, all in one page, to help with how  best to store your cake, for how long, how long to freeze and also heating instructing and a thawing process for certain products. 



Here are a few tips from Theresa on how to best enjoy and serve your pudding. Puddings come to you fully cooked and vacuumed sealed for food safety. Your pudding is at its best enjoyed at room temp, though if you choose to heat your pudding here are a few suggestions. 

Microwave Method - 

Remove outer packaging eg (calico or gift box.) leaving the vac bag still on your pudding make a couple of holes and place in microwave on MEDIUM. As everyone has different strength microwaves its best to just heat at 1 min cycles and heat it to the temp you like to enjoy your pudding at, keeping in mind that your pudding is fully cooked so only needs to be reheated. 

Oven method - 

Remove all outer packaging and leave in vac sealed bag, place into hot water in baking tray and allow to heat slightly until just warmed through, you do not need to heat for hrs as your pudding is already cooked. Carefully remove vac sealed bag after taking out of water serve and enjoy with your favourite flavoured custard. 


Please contact us if you have an further questions




Cake storage and freezing instructions


To help keep your cake fresh here are some tips from Theresa when storing and freezing your Wedding or Celebration Custom cake

Storing in fridge for short period - 

All TMF Cake Designs products are best stored in fridge and as each cake is different please refer to cake instructions given on box when picked up/delivered. All products are best enjoyed at room temp and consumed between 2 - 3 days. 

Freezing time frames - 

  • Butter cakes with buttercream are best frozen fresh and can be kept in freezer for 3 mths. 
  • Mud cakes can be frozen for up to 3-6 mths. 
  • Fruit cakes can be frozen up to 12 mths. 

How to freeze a fondant wedding cake -

TMF Wedding and celebration custom cakes are baked fresh which allow you the option to freeze your cake up to recommended time frames above depending on type of cake you have ordered. Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding your cake. 

  • Firstly take all non edible items and non edible items from your cake. 
  • Wrap your cake carefully in glad wrap and then place in a container that is air tight, before closing the lid place 2 layers of glad wrap over the top of the container and then close lid. 
  • This step if optional (but recommended as an extra layer of safe guard.) Wrap the whole container in glad wrap 2 times to help with keeping the moisture from entering the container when defrosting. 
  • Place your cake container in the freezer, its that easy. 

How to defrost your cake -

Ok its time to defrost and enjoy your cake. 

  • Firstly take your container straight from the freezer (DO NOT UNWRAP) and store in refrigerator overnight until cake has defrosted. 
  • Next day take container from refrigerator and place on bench in a cool place until cake has reached room temp and there are visible signs of condinsation. When it has reached room temp this is when you can unwrap take your cake out of container, slice and enjoy. 


Please contact us if you have an further questions



Custom cake storage and freezing instructions