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Themed Cake & Dessert packages

New for 2024

Central Queensland Themed Celebration Packages

TMF Cake Designs now offers Themed Celebration Cake and Dessert packages for up to 25 people. Each package includes 12 cupcakes, 12 cake pops, and 12 cookies - all with the coolest themes, including:

Farm Stay | Under The Sea | Mermaids, Fairies, or Woodland | Go Wild | Sport, Dinosaurs, or Superheroes | Magical Creatures | All Things Wheels (Cars, Tractors, Dump trucks etc) | Showtime! (Circus, Musical etc.)

To help you choose, we can give you more detailed descriptions of each theme.

Availability and Ordering 

A minimum of 2 weeks notice is required for all themed packages, and I only take on 2 themed packages a week. Availability will depend on existing bookings. To secure your booking, contact us and send through the date you need and I will get back to you with availabilities.

Themed images coming soon!

Acrylic and Custom Toppers

Acrylic and Custom Toppers can be arranged for at an extra cost. See our some of our top sellers below, or browse the full range.

Cake Flavours

These packages are available in our delicious Vanilla & Chocolate Butter-cake flavours, or White Choc and Choc mud cake flavours, all topped with a deliciously smooth buttercream icing.   


Check out some of our previous themed packages below and see how much creativity, quality and personalisation can be included in your package. You can personalise your cake package with a message, name, and age, to make it extra special. Just add these in the notes when checking out. 

If that's not enough personalisation, I also offer fully customised Cake Packages for an additional cost. Book a Design Call  to talk with Theresa. We can't wait to help make your celebration even more amazing!



Does your kiddo have a thing for T Rexes, Lions, or Tigers? Or maybe loves Under the Sea creatures or woodland animals?

Make their celebration unforgettable with one of our Go Wild Animal Cake Packages! These amazing themed cakes will bring on the cheers from everyone who joins in, creating a special experience that'll be remembered for years to come. So why not throw a wild party? ROAR!!!


Tracks, Wheels or Wings

Whether you (or your kid) are into all thing pedals, big rigs, trains, or even planes, you can make your next celebration one to remember with our Tracks - Wheels - Wings Cake Packages! Ensure the day is extra special, unforgettable, and jam-packed with fun.



Is it your time for a show-stopper celebration?

The Showtime Cake Package is here to make your event even bigger! Ready to throw the party of the year? Order your Showtime cake package today!



Ready for a sporty celebration? The Sports Cake Package is set to make your event even more energetic, extra special, unforgettable, and jam-packed with fun.

Ready to throw the party of the year? Order your cake package today.



Is your Mermaid-Unicorn-Fairy or Dungeon's & Dragon crew having a party? Make it way more magical with our Magical Creatures Cake Package! It's sure to spark giggles and rainbows, making sure the special day is one they'll remember forever. Get ready to throw a party they won't soon forget!



Order a delicious, hand-crafted, themed Mini Bento box to add to your celebration.

Using your theme, colour, and flavour preferences, I will create unique Mini Bento Cake and Cupcake Boxes for you!

Not after a themed cake? Not a problem - I also have Classic Mini Bento cake and cupcake options that you can choose from. 


ADULT / 18+

Get ready for a wild and wicked treat with our Themed Cake Package - Adult 18+!

You'll get everything you need for a devilishly delicious celebration! This package includes delicious desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth and complete your party -it's perfect for your next WILD weekend or celebration. 18+ only (because let's be real, adults just wanna have fun)!