Below are some frequently asked questions - please feel free to contact us if you have any others.

1. How far ahead do I need to order? 
Because each custom cake is made to order and each cake is unique to you, we recommend 4 - 6 weeks notice to make sure we have everything in time for your perfect cake. We have quick option available online and you can check these out here Shop. 

2. Do we deliver?
Short answer YES! We do deliver. Check out our Delivery 🚚 options. 

 3. Do we ship our products? 

We only ship our cookies and shop products - We DO NOT ship our perishable items. Check out our shipping information 

4. How do I place an order? 
If you are looking for a custom cake and you know what you are after you can fill out our Custom Order Form  or

not sure what you are after? Then Book a Design Call to talk with Theresa about what options are available for you. 

5. Do you cater for specific allergies?  

We can cater for for certain allergies, though please keep in mind TMF Cake Designs is not a allergy free kitchen and we do work with tree nuts, gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs and soy products. So we CANNOT cater for severe allergies. When baking/creating our allergy products we do sterilize our area and utensils before creating these products.


6. Are you cake decorations edible? 

Most of our toppers are handcrafted from sugar, however some more detailed and heavier toppers will have some non-edible components to them for structure purposes and you will be notified of these during consult process or picking up your cake. We do also have non edible toy toppers specially designed for cakes and a range of acrylic and wood toppers you can find these on the Shop page of the website. 

7. What’s the difference between a buttercream and fondant finished cake? 


Buttercream is a frosting has a soft smooth rich creamy texture, while buttercream cant be moulded like fondant can, though it can be piped onto the cake in attractive patterns and buttercream flowers. Buttercream cakes are not ideal to have at outside parties or transporting in the hotter months we recommend Fondant cakes in these months. 

Types of buttercream TMF uses are - TMF frosting - Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

Fondant is an icing, and has next to no limits being a sculptable paste, you can be so creative with it. Used to be draped over the cake for a smooth professional finish to provide a good surface for transfers and great for intricate decorations, creating figurines and comes in a range of colors already premade or you can create your own colors with gel colors. Hand painting, stenciling, piping, transfers are just some of the techniques that can be created on a fondant cake. 

At TMF we use ganache as our base foundation icing so we can get the fondant as thin as we can, to drap over the cake giving a much nicer taste to the cake then a thick piece of fondant. 

We recommend fondant cakes all year round with only some fillings being available in the hotter months. 

8. Do we supply cake Toppers? 

Yes!! We do. We stocked a small range of acrylic and wooden toppers from Sandra Dillon Design. Need a Custom one?? No problem we just need at least 4 weeks notice for these. Theresa also hand makes all edible toppers in the cake studio to personalize your cake also. 

11. What type of cakes do we do? 

 Our most popular ones are our butter cakes and Mud cakes - we find that butter cakes are great for kids cakes and if you like a more lighter and fluffier cake while the mud cakes are more of a decadent cake. Both of these cakes paired with a filling of choice make for a wonderful dessert to share with family and friends. 

 12. How do you transport your cakes? 

 All of our cakes are transported to venues and locations in food safe and strong boxes with all the appropriate care care and structure labels are carefully attached to each order. We then transport your cake in our air conditioned car to your venue/location or choice. We do carry a cake kit for any mishaps on our travels. In the 12 years of dong this I have had 1 only mishap and was easily rectified. At the end of the day it is a cake and things happen. Its more a piece of mind knowing that the person that is delivering your cake can also fix it if need be.