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Meet the Lady who BAKES! & DECORATES!
Hi There


Wedding and celebration cake maker, biscuit & sweet treater baker, mum, wife, and straight-talker.

Welcome to my humble little (business) abode, TMF Cake Designs. I hope you find what you’re looking for! 

I have always loved getting my hands dirty in the kitchen, and experimenting with all types of food. I then discovered a love for baking - creating edible artistry for people’s special days brought me so much joy, and I became fascinated by the transformation for simple ingredients into artistic creations.

In 2010, I opened my first business - Cake Mania - with the sole purpose of creating joy through delicious, handcrafted cakes. In 2020 I re-branded to TMF Cake Designs, but I promise, the baked goodies are just as wonderful!

Central Queensland Wedding & Celebration Cakes

Just the Basics

My cakes might be fancy, but TMF Cake Designs is all about the simple stuff. Fresh, high quality ingredients, delicious flavours and happy clients!

The Best Ingredients

I believe that great baking starts with great ingredients. That means sourcing the best ingredients around, such as couverture Belgian chocolate, high-quality real butter, real vanilla, free-range eggs and seasonal fruits. My cakes (and everything else I make) are made from scratch in my Blackwater studio.

Flavours to Remember

Creating amazing flavour combinations that leave a lasting impression on your tastebuds! From wedding cakes to macaroons, my baked goodies are jam-packed with flavour. Rich ganaches, deliciously delightful buttercreams, and fruity fillings. Drooling yet?

About Theresa

My Experience

I am a self-taught baker and have spent the last 14 years honing my skills and experimenting with new flavours.

I wanted to learn more about the cake industry, so in 2010 I registered for my first cake decorating class and started with The Basics with Planet Cake, in Brisbane.

I loved it so much that I went on to complete the rest of their classes, taking my total to 10 classes at Planet Cake, and completing my Cake Masters in Sydney.

These classes were based on specialty-designed cakes. I learnt everything from basic designs to elaborate and inverted-style cakes. It seriously had me hooked!

After that I went on to complete numerous specialised sugar flower and 3D cake courses, travelling to Brisbane and Sydney to complete these.

My course with Planet Cake led me straight into their Sydney Kitchen, where I went to work with some of their fabulously talented artists for a whole week, learning to marry the symphony of art and cake.

In 2010, I opened my own cake business - Cake Mania - which added the icing to my life’s cake!

Now, as TMF Cake Designs, I create celebration and wedding cakes for the amazing people of Central Queensland. And don’t forget the cookies, macaroons and other sweet goodies I have added to the baking list I can do.

Behind the Maker

Behind TMF Cake Designs, is a very patient and loving family - my husband, Guy, and my kids, Hayden and Savannah. They all help me with the hands on work, like cleaning and setting up at markets. Savannah also helps me with the "arty stuff" and she is working with me on our social media pages.

My family have cheered me on since the beginning, and they have shared in my passion. Running a small business and having a family is always going to be a challenge and about finding balance. But, these guys, they help me get there!

My Husband, Guy

My Son, Hayden

My Daughter, Savannah

As Featured In

I’m really proud to have my small business featured in Her Umbrella, a magazine that is dedicated to female entrepreneurs and women in business. You can read a digital copy online or have a print copy delivered to your door.