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Cake Tips, Products & Recommendations

Theresa's Cake Pantry

Welcome To

Theresa's Cake Pantry

I don't just want to share my own creations with you, but I'd love to help you make some of your own. So on this page, you'll find demo videos on techniques and products that I use and recommend; answers to questions you may have; and an online shop of my favourite - and most trusted - cake products.

These are things I have learnt and used over the last 12+ years, and they have helped my skills grow and blossom.

So what are you waiting for? Discover your favourite cake Nik Naks today. And, once you've tried a new technique, or used one of my recommend products, I'd love to know what you think. Come join me over on Insta and share your thoughts!

Theresa XX

Theresa's Favourites

Cake & Baking Nik Naks

I am always adding new products to my Nik Naks collection, so make sure you check out the online shop to find what's available now.

Theresa's Cake Pantry

Welcome to Theresa's Cake Pantry. Here Theresa will share some of her techniques on how she uses this products. You can find all of the products Theresa's loves to use here aka Nik Naks on Theresa's  favourite Nik Nak's .  Theresa has decided she wants to not only share her incredible cake creations but her most trusted cake products, that have helped Theresa's skills grow and blossom over the past 12 years. What are you waiting for.... discover your favourite Nik Naks today.

Theresa will always be adding to her Nik Naks you can checkout the online shop to find what's available now. 

Theresa XX