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Easter eggs - Sugar eggs


Remember those hard sugary easter eggs you had when growing up? The ones that would last a life time!! Well these are just that. 

I loved getting one of these growing up, cracking them open and seeing what was inside was the best treat. 

Sizes available in Small and Medium eggs and Med Hearts 


  • Bubblegum - Purple 
  • Fairy Floss - Pink and Blue marble 
  • Spearmint - Green 
  • Cola - Brown 
  • Tropical - Orange 
  • Strawberry - Red 
  • Musk - Pink 
  • Peppermint - White 

 Picture is for interest only - Large and small eggs and large heart. 

Pickup and Delivery 

Available for pickup  from Blackwater Cake Studio from Friday 8th April by Appt. 

Please see the Delivery Terms for delivery in other areas 

 Allergies - Contains egg whites - Glucose - Gelatine - Food flavours and colours